Orchard Software, A Comprehensive AYP Solution for Your School  
  Orchard includes more than 160 Skill Trees that cover 5,000 essential skills and concepts in reading, language arts, mathematics, and science. Orchard teaches those same skills that students must learn to pass high-stakes tests and is correlated to national and state standards.

Orchard is flexible with its balanced, cross-curricular content, which is challenging for advanced students while providing reinforcement skills for those who need it. By using a variety of instructional approaches coupled with the effective use of learning games and puzzles, Orchard provides children with a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

  Motivating, Comprehensive, Correlated Content
Language Arts Mathematics Science Tools for Teachers
Language Arts Mathematics Science Tools for Teachers
Engaging Instructional Approaches for a Variety of Learners
   English Language Learners      
   Pre-K - K Students      
   Algebra for Everyone      
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