Orchard Software, A Comprehensive AYP Solution for Your School  
  Individualized instruction that remediates, reinforces, and extends learning is the heart of Orchard Software. We take a balanced approach to our instructional content by offering computational and conceptual math programs.

Unlike many software programs that quickly bore students, Orchard Software offers a wide variety of instructional approaches that meet individual learning needs. We understand that all students do not learn the same way. Our focus is on motivating students to come back again and again for more individualized and time-on-task learning.

Pre-K-3 · Show Skill Trees 15 Titles
This bundle covers a wide range of primary math skills. Seven Math Concepts programs focus on skills and concepts stressed in the NCTM Standards. Six fun Learning Games help students master key skills, including basic number facts. SkillBuilders provide direct instruction in key computational skills.
4-6 · Show Skill Trees 16 Titles
This bundle contains a balanced mix of computational and conceptual programs. Eight Math Concepts titles teach and assess skills stressed in the NCTM Standards. Computational skills are covered through three SkillBuilders and five Learning Games.
7-9 · Show Skill Trees 23 Titles
Fourteen Math and Algebra Concepts Skill Trees teach and assess skills stressed in the NCTM standards, three SkillBuilder titles provide step-by-step instruction, and three Learning Games reinforce key skills in a motivating learning environment.
Mathematics Supplemental · Show Skill Trees 2 Titles
These titles are a great supplement to the K-6 Math bundle. Number Facts: Beginning covers sums and subtraction of 0 through 18, hand-eye coordination, and completing number facts within a time limit. Number Facts: Advanced covers multiplication by 0 through 10 and division by 1 through 10.