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Success With Orchard: Real School Stories
  Justice Elementary, Wewoka, Oklahoma
  Kelly Harrison, lab teacher at Justice Elementary, is passionate and committed to implementing technology in to the classroom. She began as an aide at the elementary school and was first to introduce students to Orchard Software. She has seen the use of technology, particularly the use of Orchard, grow and contribute to student success. “We used Orchard with our after-school program initially,” said Harrison. “Then we made it part of our curriculum. Our math scores have increased. I see progress especially with the young kids; we will use Orchard with our Pre-K program next.”
  Press Release: Wewoka, Oklahoma's Justice Elementary Recognized with Technology Leadership Award
In the News: The Seminole Producer Recognizes Justice Elementary's Achievement [1 Page/1.04 MB]

Conversations with Leaders in Instructional Technology:
Justice Elementary School