Orchard Software, A Comprehensive AYP Solution for Your School  
  Orchard Software is committed to providing schools with a powerful solution to enable educators to adapt and deliver both individualized and whole class instruction that meets the needs of all students.

Orchard is recognizing educators across the country that have embraced technology as a tool for delivering instruction and have used it to its fullest potential and have seen results.

Success with Orchard: Real School Stories

Justice Elementary, Wewoka, Oklahoma
Mullanphy Elementary, St. Louis, Missouri
Sacramento Elementary, Portland, Oregon
Alice High School, Alice, TX

Reseach and Pedagogy

Orchard Software is based upon time-tested instructional practices that current research has proven to be effective across a large number of students. In addition, Orchard goes a step further and is continually conducting research to validate the efficacy of our software.

Scores Skyrocket Thanks to Orchard Implementation Students at South Edmonson Elementary School received an average math score of 63 on the Kentucky Core Content Tests which were administered in the spring. Orchard math was implemented the following fall and was used regularly throughout the school year. The average student score on the Kentucky Core Content Tests was 75 when the tests were administered again the next spring—a 12 percent gain.
Orchard Helps Failing Students Succeed North Carolina’s End-of-Grade (EOG) tests are based on the state’s curriculum objectives; students who score a Level 1 or Level 2 are considered “At Risk.” A group of Bonlee third graders were identified as “At Risk” after the EOG test was administerd in August. The school implementation an intervention program in which students used Orchard Language Arts software regularly for a year. When the EOG test was administered in the spring, approcimately half of the “At Risk” students had improved to the Level 3, i.e. “Proficient.”
District Works Towards Proficiency Using Orchard Software After implementing Orchard Software into their curriculum, scores on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Test for Avalon Independent School District (of Avalon, Texas) rose dramatically. In the area of English Language Arts, students moved from a level of 73% proficiency to a level of 90% proficiency, and in the area of Mathematics, students moved from a level of 50% proficiency to a level of 76% proficiency. This rise in test scores for all subgroups brought the district from a status of Low Performing to an eligibility status of Recognized. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Test
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