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Anti-Bullying, Prevention, and Realities 12 Titles
  Today, schools and districts are increasingly looking for resources to develop bullying prevention programs. Bullying comes in many forms and can have many causes. Students make important decisions every day that impact their social, psychological, intellectual, and emotional world as they relate to issues. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, between 15 and 20 percent of U.S. students report being bullied while the same percentage of students bully others. Addressing bullying and putting in place programs to prevent it is crucial to helping all students. Allowing students to think and talk about these issues can be a first step in helping them understand possible consequences.

Orchard Software offers programs that deal with anti-bullying and prevention themes and can serve as an important component of a school or district’s intervention program.

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Anti-Bullying and Prevention Elementary Bundle 6 Titles
Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking 1 - What to Do After School;The Price of Popularity;A Friend in Need 4-6
Reading Realities 1 - So What If Iím Fat;My Temper;Kids Donít Like Me 1-2
Reading Realities 2 - No Sports for Me;Wish I Were Smart;Do Other Kids Have My Fears 2-3
Reading Realities 3 - Am I a Liar?;Yes, Iím Poor;Worries 3-4
Reading Realities 4 - Why Is Appearance Important?;My Dreams Scare Me;Am I Angry! 3-4
Reading Realities 5 - Will She Ever Like Me?;Is Popularity Important?;Iím Not Part of the ďInĒ Group 5-6
  *Personal stories are listed above. Also includes 3 stories each for Jury and Career Prep topics.
Anti-Bullying and Prevention Middle - High School Bundle 6 Titles
Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking 2 - Bullies;Who’s Minding the House?;A Little Harmless Teasing 7-9
High-Interest Reading 1 - Alcohol Dilemma;Stealing;Deserted 6-12
High-Interest Reading 2 - Addiction;Heartbreak;Prisoner of War 6-12
High-Interest Reading 3 - Cheating;Party Pressure;Living with a Handicap 6-12
High-Interest Reading 4 - Drunk Driving;Dropping Out;Aids 6-12
High-Interest Reading 5 - Pregnancy;Child Abuse;Suicide 6-12
  *Personal stories are listed above. Also includes 3 stories each for Jury and Career Prep topics.