Orchard Software, A Comprehensive AYP Solution for Your School  
  Alice High School, Alice, Texas
  After 55 10th grade students failed the math and science TAKS assessments at the completion of the 2006-2007 school year, Alice High School established intensive targeted instruction and practice using educational software to prepare the students for the next assessment. Lab teachers utilized Orchard Software, which provides targeted instruction aligned to Texas’ state standards and practice in math, science and language arts. “Through the targeted practice and support of Orchard math and science curriculum, 70 percent of these students passed the TAKS math and 65 percent passed the TAKS science,” said Superintendent Henry Herrara. “In particular, 20 students in math and 20 in science were predicted to be unsuccessful, but instead, they successfully mastered their TAKS tests.”
  Press Release: At-Risk Alice High School Students Pass TAKS, Recognized for Success With National Award